Linda Rachel

Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Linda has over 35 years management experience, with more than 23 years in the financial services industry – more than enough time to develop her own vision of what a financial services company should be – and most importantly, how clients should be treated. Her respect for individuals eager to grow and protect their nest egg shapes her highly ethical risk management approach.

Linda is also a firm believer in the necessity of knowing the “whole person,” their needs and expectations. Only then, can the path to prosperity in an individual’s financial life be balanced.

Our clients have grown beyond cookie cutter advice and count on Linda’s  honest counsel, that defines their working relationship.

Licensed for life and health insurance, and a Registered Investment Advisor, Linda does meaningful work based on the unique needs of each client.

Away from work Linda and her husband, John, split their free time between family and their fledgling Arizona vineyard.

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